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Smart recycling, low footprint

VinyLoop Ferrara SpA is a partnership between INOVYN and Serge Ferrari the leading French manufacturer of composite membranes.

VinyLoop® is a physical, solvent-based, recycling technology that produces high quality R-PVC (recycled PVC) compounds. The main purpose of Vinyloop® is to recycle PVC composite waste which cannot be satisfactorily recycled by traditional mechanical recycling processes.

The plant in Ferrara, Italy, was inaugurated in 2002 and treats 10,000 tonnes/year of PVC scraps; it is also used as a pilot plant for industrial research.

In 2008, a new production line dedicated to the treatment of tarpaulins and other fiber containing PVC waste, was installed. This range operates under the name of Texyloop. Texyloop is the extension of the VinyLoop® process for the collection and recycling of composite membranes.

VinyLoop® fully supports the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment that aims at achieving an ambitious increase in the rate of recycling by 2020.