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Along with the growing environmental awareness, consumers are looking for lower environmental impact products

Following the Ecobarometer survey 2011, 80% of the EU citizens would purchase products contaianig recycled materials

Companies are therefore called upon not only to offer lower environmental footprint products. Furthermore, customers are need to be provided with clear, transparent and easy to understand information on which to base their purchasing choices.

The use of recycled materials is an added value for the environment, since it saves valuable resources (energy and raw materials) and prevents incineration. In this respect, VinyLoop® R-PVC contributes to a lower environmental footprint of products. The use of recycled material can also present an important element for consumers to make a sustainable choice.

Based on its Eco-Footprint, VinyLoop® provides the environmental footprint of the final products made with its R-PVC, in order to support effective communication towards final consumers.

An Eco-Footprint label would show the environmental benefits to consumers in terms of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and water consumption in a visual and direct way.