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Increasing recycling rates will reduce pressure on the demand for primary raw materials. Valuable materials which are being reprocessed reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from extraction and processing

From PVC waste ....... to VinyLoop® R-PVCA valuable secondary raw material for final applications.

Valuable plastic is recycled VinyLoop® and allows its re-use in a new product. By this valuable resources are prevent to be disposed in landfills or incinerated. Waste becomes a secondary raw material.

Clients of VinyLoop® R-PVC, benefit from a high quality raw material which contributes to the improvement of the environmental footprint of their final products. 

VinyLoop® offers its customers expertise and knowledge to perform a Life Cycle Assessment of the final product, and supports its customers with a scientific based communication of the environmental advantage of their products.

VinyLoop® is the smartest environmental solution for proactive customers ready to consider VinyLoop® as a genuine partner supplier in sustainable development.