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Buying VinyLoop® R-PVC means making the final product ‘greener’ and informing the final consumer/user about the lower environmental impact

VinyLoop® provides its customers with a simple, clear and visual label which summarizes the environmental benefits based on its Eco-Footprint Study, and therefore the environmental footprint of their final products, supporting effective communication towards final consumers.

Garden hosesA valuable secondary raw material for final applications such as tunnel membranes.

For example, garden hoses made of at least 50% VinyLoop® R-PVC, can save on average 20% greenhouse gas emissions, 35% water consumption and 20% energy consumption.

Membranes made with VinyLoop® recycled material, can save an average of 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, 46% of water consumption and 24% of energy consumption assuming that at least 75% of R-PVC instead of virgin compound is used.