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High Quality recycled PVC COMPOUNDS

VinyLoop® R-PVC

The R-PVC compound VinyLoop® can be considered as a ‘virgin’ material in terms of quality and property consistency. The quality consistency is a unique asset of VinyLoop® R-PVC which cannot be guaranteed by the traditional mechanical recycling techniques.

The main advantages of VinyLoop® R-PVC are:

  • High purity, free of contaminants
  • Quality and property consistency
  • Quality control
  • Suitable for various applications, such as hoses, foils, geo-membranes or shoe soles

Vinyloop® R-PVC can be processed in extrusion, calendering and injection moulding.

VinyLoop® Products are sold by INOVYN SA, please contact us if you are interested in buying VinyLoop® Recycled PVC Compound