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Through recycling, waste becomes a valuable raw material resource

The VinyLoop recycling plantPVC composite waste recycling can be challenging due to the complexity of the different materials.

The VinyLoop® process, through selective dissolution and filtration, is able to eliminate contaminations and produce a recycled PVC compound (R-PVC).

Extending the life cycle of products, VinyLoop®, gives unused resources a new life, prevents valuable plastics from being landfilled or incinerated, and produces consistent quality, high-level purity recycled PVC compounds (R-PVC), similar to virgin compounds.

In terms of resource efficiency, VinyLoop® allows companies with PVC scraps to benefit from a more sustainable alternative for the treatment of their waste, avoiding landfill or incineration.

VinyLoop® supports the Directive 2008/98/EC on waste (Waste Framework Directive).

The smart solution for customers and consumers.